About Us and about our Policy

Farkasova International is a leading Executive Search and Talent Advisory firm providing and extended range of services to many referential organizations operating worldwide. We provide a wide range of services to these clients including, but not limited to: executive search, executive assessment, Board advisory, interim management and consulting. For more information on what we do please visit https://www.farkasovainternational.com.

We provide this services globally covering a wide range of industry sectors and geographies.

The privacy of our Clients and Candidates is of foremost importance to us and we are therefore committed to protect you personal data and information according to applicable laws of the geographies where we operate. The privacy policy details on how, to what extent and purpose we are collecting and subsequently processing personal data and information. We take all Clients and Candidates information in a fully responsible way independently from where it is collected (website, e-mail, social networking websites, face to face or any other mean)

Major Definitions

For the listed terms, the meaning should be considered the following for the effects of the current policy:

Client: The individuals or organization that contract our services

Candidate: The candidate, interested person, client employee or board member, who participates in any way in any of our processes on its own free will. This comprises all that are considered, evaluated, assessed, coached or advised by Farkasova International in connection with the services we provide.

Personal Information: Information that personally identifies a person or pertains to an identifiable person. Someone who can be identified, directly or indirectly trough any relevant identifier like name, ID, location data or to any other means that convey an individual identification. For all personal data collected by us under pre-approval of the privacy policy we are therefore required to protect under applicable data privacy laws. Some common examples of personal data include contact details, professional education and experience, membership in professional organizations, etc.

Processing: Any operation performed on the personal information set, by manual or automated means, Examples are collection, organization, consultation, recording, use, transmission, blocking, restricting, erasing or destructing.

Site: Our https://www.farkasovainternational.com website and all pages hosted in this domain

Personal Information Processing Methodologies and your consent.

Our services are provided based on the data we have or is made available to Farkasova International

Whenever one individual is interested in applying to a specific recruitment process or just to be added to our databases for future opportunities therefore becoming a candidate, the individual can provide Farkasova International a Candidate Information set of data. This information can be submitted in a myriad of forms, by e-mail, in hard copy, directly to one of our consultants or researchers.

All candidate information is considered voluntary and supplying it implies full consent for us to process your personal data for the purposes of personal counseling and mediation within the scope of our services and in accordance to the applicable data protection laws.

The retrieved information is used strictly for our services.

Based on the information you share with us we might follow-up using the provided contact details in order to further gather complementary information, clarify any questions or discuss career related opportunities with you. We might provide assessment on your professional profile and perform searches for information related to your person publicly available to us provided that that information would be deemed relevant for the services we provide.

Subject to the applicable law you have the right to obtain information about your personal information we process, request corrections,  completion or deletion of incorrect personal information. For any data related request please contact us, using the “contact us” form  available on the website

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